Gravitating towards the Extraordinary!


While  I was getting ready for class  I had an epiphany, My Oprah “Aha” moment.  I am young, single, and growing. I’m enjoying life, I’m falling in love with myself. I am gravitating towards the extraordinary things in life. Some of us were just not made to be normal.

So why do we constantly settle?

We should look at ourselves and say “I am fantastic, I am marvelous!” Why aim for the moon and the stars, when we can have the galaxy.

Why settle for mediocrity?

Why stay in friendships and relationships with people who don’t deserve you? We all should know our worth. I have finally figured out mine. I am worthy of an amazing career, relationships, friendships included.

I am surrounding myself with positive and like-minded people. Because I am gravitating towards the extraordinary. My future is shining bright like a diamond. I hope that you will all join me on this journey to gravitate towards your extraordinary.


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