The Black Lace Chronicles



Black Lace crop top ensemble 6

Black Lace crop top ensemble 8

Black Lace crop top ensemble #5

Black Lace Crop top ensemble 7

Black Lace crop top ensemble 1

Black Lace crop top ensembleBlack Lace crop top ensemble 2




Hello Kittens!

I hope y’all are having a fabulous week so far! I know that we’re in the middle of summer, but I have a strong affinity for the color black and adding any type of lace detail I’m all over it.

In this post I have decided to pair a few of my favorite things, black lace  crop top ensemble, my favorite rounder sunglasses, black choker,  (both of which can be exclusively found on Sweet Dirt a black wide brim hat, and my newfound obsession the Suede Navy Blue Gianna Bini studded platforms.

Even though it’s summer and the temperatures are creeping into the 100’s here in South Carolina I cannot give up my love for the color black. I seriously wear black nearly everyday it’s impossible not to look chic in black.

 I’ve always loved hats but I am embracing the wide brim hats throughout every season, even in Famously Hot  South Carolina.  I’m a stronger believer in wearing what makes you feel good and empowered. This is why I love fashion so much because you can dress yourself depending on your mood. What you wear expresses who you are as a person and your sense of style allows you to proclaim who you are without saying a word.

Fashion is about throwing caution to the wind and wearing whatever makes you feel amazing.I strive to do that everyday when I get dressed  and when I write a blog that’s exactly what I want to do. I hope everyone that reads this blog embraces their own personal style, because it’s all your own and it’s absolutely fabulous!

Always remember to Fierce, Fabulous, and Fearless! *Muah*

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