Flowers in Fall….

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Happy Fall Kittens! I hope y’all are enjoying this wonderful fall fashion as much I am!

Although the seasons are changing, floral prints and patterns are still blooming and having a moment. Traditionally, floral print has been designated for strictly for spring and summer seasons. However, designers have found a way to lengthen the life of floral patterns to extend past summer.

Fall and Winter florals have been receiving major attention over the past few years.  The key to finding the perfect fall floral print is to look for more dark and moody tones, because it adds a hint of edginess. The combination of delicate, feminine flowers and a dark fabric  will instantly make any fashionista look completely chic and polished. If you live in a colder climate throwing on a leather jacket and tight will only  add to the allure of your fabulous ensemble.

Since I live in the Southeast the temperatures have cooled down, quite a bit. So I decided to pair my Sweet Dirt Floral print, bell sleeved dress, with a burgundy choker and matching floppy hat both from Sweet Dirt. I chose to finish off my look with black thigh high  boots from BCBGeneration.

I hope y’all are having a fabulous week so far! Don’t forget to be Fierce, Fabulous, and Fearless! *Muah*

Don’t forget to shop Sweet Dirt for Fierce and Fabulous Fashion pieces!



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