Back to Business….

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Happy New Year Kittens! 

Hello there beautiful people! I hope all of y’all had a wonderful holiday season. I cannot believe that it is 2017 already, but I can say that I am incredibly thankful and blessed to see another year. I am so excited to see what this year has in store, every year I have a ton of resolutions, but this year I am keeping it simple. I really just want to continue to be happy, successful, and grow my business Sweet Dirt. 

As I stated earlier I intend to grow my business, in 2016 I launched Sweet Dirt and in 2017 I intend to solidify my brand.  Which is why I entitled this blog Back to Business. I’ve taken a much needed break, but now it’s time to hit the ground running.  In this post I’ve decided to do something I rarely do, wear a white shirt ( I am the quintessential lover of black, but I’m trying to incorporate more color into my  wardrobe. Which is another one of my resolutions for the new year). 

My top is a white bow-tie  chiffon blouse,  featuring a button-down front, sheer long sleeves and buttoned cuffs from Sweet Dirt. It can be found hereI absolutely love this top because I feel like it’s extremely sophisticated and fashion forward. I paired it with with a Sweet Dirt black floppy  hat which can be found here; simple black high waisted shorts, leopard print booties,  and minimal accessories. I feel like the blouse is so intricate, feminine,  and delicate that a minimalistic approach was the best option to allow the blouse to stand out. 

I hope y’all have a wonderful year filled with lots of happiness, love, and success! Always remember to be Fierce, Fabulous, and Flawless! *Muah*

Don’t forget to check out Sweet Dirt for Fabulous and Affordable fashion pieces! 



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