Don’t Be Mad, Get Off Your Ass, and Do Something…

Hey Everyone! Since it’s a new year I have decided to embark on a new blogging journey and incorporate other parts to my blog. As much as I love fashion( I truly do) there are so many different parts to me.

My name is Jennifer Amber, I graduated from the  University of South Carolina with a Bachelor’s Degree in History.  I am one semester away from a Bachelor’s Degree in Theatre, a year from a Bachelor’s Degree in Broadcast Journalism, and last December I graduated with my Associate’s Degree in Nursing. Needless to say, I don’t believe in complacency, I was raised to always strive for excellence and personal growth. I’m always looking for ways to become a better version of myself. 

I thank God, that I know the world is bigger. I was raised as a military brat, I’ve lived in Germany, Texas, New Jersey, Oklahoma, and South Carolina. I’m a hard worker, I’m  not just  a face or a body in nice clothing. I work my ass off no one has ever given me anything, except my parents they gave me the tools to be successful. They have always instilled in me  that I don’t have to settle. My mom has always told me that I always had to be better than my best, and I’ve always strived for that. 

My life does not revolve around a “like” or if “family” members, or so-called “friends” like me.  I have learned to stand and be strong, because “people” will always be upset when you want to be extraordinary in this life.  It’s ok to be different, why blend in when you were born to stand out!!! I remember in 2010,  I was in bed and I heard a voice tell me ” Jennifer people are never going to like you, people will never give you  your props, and  they will never give you what you need from them. But that’s ok, your footsteps have already been ordered. You just have to  walk in them.”   So I encourage anyone that has a dream to chase it with wild abandonment, and screw anyone that doesn’t believe in your dreams.  To anyone who is jealous of someone chasing their dream, don’t sit back and be jealous. Don’t secretly wish for them to fail; I say to you “Don’t Be Mad, Get Off Your Ass, and Do Something make things happen! Success is not going to come to you, you have to dream it, believe it, and want it with every fiber in your body.  


Everyone has a dream it can be obtained, but you have to  step out of  your comfort zone, and just do it. The main reason people are jealous is out of fear, fear of failure. If you fail once, so what try again, and again, because eventually if you work at something hard enough and long enough it will be yours. So take this day to Get Off Your Ass and Do Something! 


6 thoughts on “Don’t Be Mad, Get Off Your Ass, and Do Something…

    1. My sentiments exactly Naimah, I have learned that I have to get out my comfort zone. Life is too beautiful to stay in a box. Thank you for your wonderful feedback! I would love to check out your blog! ❤️

  1. I love this! I am definitely stepping out of my comfort zone this year. I have to continue down the path last year opened. Keep being awesome Jen! You inspire me.

    1. Thank you so much Courtney! Your kind words mean the world to me! I am so happy to hear that you are stepping out of your comfort zone. We miss out on such beautiful experiences, because we’re too afraid. I have learned that we just have to take a leap of faith and follow our dreams! Thank you again for the lovely feedback! Keep being the beautiful and amazing person you’ve always been Courtney! You deserve all the wonderful things your heart desires! ❤️❤️

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