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Ariel’s Gams

Ariel funny

Hello Kittens! For the Beauties on Fire Disney Princess theme I chose Ariel, she’s always been one of my favorites(besides Belle of course). However, I have to be honest I was a little thrown by this challenge at first because I had no idea where to start.

But when I really started thinking I really wanted to update and take a modern twist on the Ariel that was still a princess, but was no longer a mermaid. So I took inspiration from the Part of this World song and decided to place an emphasis on my legs.

In this post I paired a Peter Pan collar shirt, a pink Tutu, and a Sweet Dirt Floral Crown( had to to incorporate a crown, after all she’s a Princess). I feel that Ariel was so obsessed with having legs that she would’ve been extremely girly and always been in skirts showing off her gams!! I hope y’all enjoy reading this post, because I had so much fun creating this look!

Ariel 2



Ariel 1


Always remember to be Fierce, Fabulous, and Fearless! *Muah*

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What I'm Wearing

My Walking Dead Crush

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I absolutely love the Walking Dead, in fact I’m a Walking Dead fanatic. I’m wearing my “If Daryl Dies We Riot” t-shirt paired with a black blazer and my bad ass leather shorts! This outfit is dedicated to Daryl Dixon, My Walking Dead Crush!!