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Sweet Dirt Infant Tutu Sets


Hello Kittens! I can’t believe it’s Thursday already, this week is really flying by!  Last week I wrote a post about Little Girl’s Tutus  it was entitled Sweet Dirt Kid’s Tutu Sets. Since the toddler tutus were so popular, I began getting inquiries about infant tutus. So without further ado…I am officially introducing Sweet Dirt Infant Tutus for the tiniest fashionistas in your lives!




The White w/Pink Flower Bodysuit with a Pink Skirt is primarily for the newborns. This infant tutu set can be found here. This bodysuit can be paired with the Pink Frilly Skirt for newborns available in sizes 0-3 months  and 3-6 months.  This set will leave her as the star of the show. 



The second infant tutu is available in larger size, and it can be found here.  The soft white bodysuit is decorated with a handmade pink organza flower. The tutu skirt can found in size 0-12 months, the soft, stretchy waistband can accommodate older infant. This  tutu has layer upon layer of pink tulle, blended with a special touch of a satin ribbon. She will truly be the center  in  this sassy infant tutu set.

This  White w/Pink Flower  bodysuit and Rainbow Unicorn tutu set will leave her as the star of the show, can be found here. The soft white bodysuit is decorated with a handmade hot pink organza flower, and the tutu skirt has a  soft, stretchy waistband that  can accommodate older infants. The tutu skirt has  layer upon layer of rainbow tulle, blended with a special touch of a satin ribbon.


This  Growing Hearts Bodysuit and Plum Sparkle Tutu set can be found here. The soft white bodysuit is decorated with growing hearts and accentuated with plum ruffles. The tutu has layer upon layer of precious sparkling plum tulle with the sweet addition of satin ribbon and a soft, stretchy waistband. This set is available in sizes 6-12 months.

White w/Pink Flower Bodysuit +Pink Frilly Skirt 0r Pink Infant Tutu Set:here

White w/Candy Flower Bodysuit and Rainbow Unicorn Infant Tutu Set: here

Growing Hearts Bodysuit and Plum Sparkly Tutu Set: here 

Always remember to be Fierce, Fabulous, and Fearless! 💋

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Hello Sweet Dirt Kids….

grace-2 seer-hat-boy pink-cardigan blue-shirt-boy minister grace-5 little-girl-in-ruffle-shirt ruffled-butts-seer-sucker-2

Hello Kittens! I just wanted to share some amazing news. I am so excited that with my outstanding sales and positive feedback. I am launching Sweet Dirt Kids. I just wanted to share with you a few of my cute and sassy pieces.

I would  like to thank my parents for always supporting me, it means more to me than you will ever know. I love ya’ll so much!  I would also like to personally thank Cheri and Lora, because you guys were my first customers, I love y’all! I would also  like to thank my Oklahoma family, who were a great support system from Day One. From your purchases, your shares, and your likes you’ve shown me tremendous support. Thank you so much!  To my neighbor Rhonda, who may or may not see this you are AWESOME, thank you! To my South Carolina family; Aunt Terry Pugh, who shared and always had great words of encouragement, thank you. To Ms. Ella, the teller at my bank who asked me “Are you  sure?”  When I took out all of my savings, I replied ” Yes ma’am,” but I was scared out of my mind.

For those of you who I don’t know, who shared, liked, and purchased from me, thank you so much. My returning customers (Hi, Tracy lol) thank you all for giving Sweet Dirt a chance.

I am over the moon! I can honestly say I appreciate all the late night hours, the many hours spent at the post office, the countless hours on the phone with manufacturers and distributors, and the times I was so tired I just wanted to cry.

I know what it feels like to be an Entrepreneur, I am a Boss, a Businesswoman and I am so proud.

Always remember to Be Fierce, Fabulous, and Flawless. *Muah*

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Online Store Diaries: Choosing the Right Product




Hello Kittens! I hope you’re all doing well!

The last couple weeks have been a whirlwind adventure. I’ve learned so many things about starting an online store. I really had no idea  how much work this store would entail. I’ve done a great deal of research before I even launched my store, but nothing prepares you for work that goes in to it.  I read so many stories and I watched so many videos of people that have opened online stores, and been extremely successful. It’s very insightful and inspirational  because it shows it’s entirely possible to have a profitable, prosperous, and popular online store.

I wanted to give the perspective of someone that is in the early stages of their store, so if anyone considering opening their own store can see what goes into it from the very beginning. After you’ve decided to open your store, the second decision and perhaps the hardest decision of all will be choosing the right product or products to sell.  Your product(s)  has to be something that you can:

  • Market
  • Afford
  • Acquire

The Marketing aspect will also help you to identity your target audience. For example I’m absolutely obsessed with fashion, thus I knew I wanted to target young women.

Affordability is very important because you are an entrepreneur which means majority of the money spent opening your business will come from you. You want to make sure that you don’t overextend yourself in the beginning. It’s ok to start off with a small quantity of products. I began with t-shirts and floral crowns, but as I began to sell more products I incorporated dresses, and rompers.

Lastly, you want to make sure that you can acquire your product because once your items start selling you need to be able to access them again.

These are just a few tips, I plan on posting quite often because I know it’s a difficult process and it’s always nice to know that you are not alone in trying to figure everything out.

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Hope y’all have a Fabulous day!